The Names That matter

Blockchain: Money speakers are the best and brightest from the world of FinTech. They are the innovators, thought leaders and decision makers that ignite discussion and illuminate tomorrow’s financial landscape; they are your shortcut to the future. To become a speaker, please contact

Nicolas Cary

President & Co-Founder -

Roger Ver

CEO at

Brian Crain

Head of Business Development at Monax

Jason King

Founder of Unsung

Nimrod Lehavi

CEO of Simplex

Andrew Lee

CEO of Purse

Harry Yeh

Managing Director at Binary Financial

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli

Executive Chairman, Z/Yen Group

Paul Puey

CEO at Airbitz

Dan Morehead

CEO at Pantera Capital

Gavin Smith

CEO at First Global Credit

Ferdinando Ametrano

Professor of Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology at Politecnico di Milano

Matthew Roszak

Chairman and Co-Founder at Bloq

Mark Hornsby

Senior Innovation Engineer at Royal Bank of Scotland

Jeremy Gardner

Founder at Augur

John McAfee

Founder at McAfee

Chris Ballinger

CFO at Toyota Financial Services

Chandler Guo

Angel Investor

Brian Hoffman

CEO of OpenBazaar

Brian Klein

Partner at Baker Marquart

Hubert J.P. Jolly

Managing Director at Citi Treasury & Trade Services

Peter Smith

CEO of

Veronica McGregor

Partner at Goodwin

Sally Sfeir-Tait

Partner at Clyde & Co

Noah Raford

COO at Dubai Future Foundation

Jeff Garzik

CEO at Bloq

Jae Kwon

CEO at Cosmos

Alex Batlin

Former Innovation Manager at UBS

Anthony Macey

Head of Blockchain Research & Development at Barclays (UK)

Moe Levin

Founder at Keynote Events

Johann Gevers

Founder and CEO of Monetas

Nick Williamson

CEO of

Massimo Morini

Head of Interest Rates at Banca IMI

Ashley Taylor

Chief Culture Officer at Consensys

Andrew Filipowski

Chairman at Tally Capital

Alex Shelkovnikov

Head of Corporate Venturing at Deloitte

Edan Yago

CEO at Epiphyte

Eddy Travia

CEO at Coinsilium

Dr. James Smith

CEO at Elliptic

Marieke Flament

Managing Director Europe at Circle

Brian Donegan

Head of Operations - Department of Economic Development at the Isle of Man

Michael Perklin

Head of Investigative Services at Ledger Labs

Michael Terpin

Chairman, BitAngels

Marco Streng

CEO at Genesis Mining

Esteban Van Goor

Tax Lawyer at Baker & Mckenzie

Arai Ezzra

CTO at DinarDirham

Valery Vavilov

Founder and CEO, BitFury

Fabian Vandenreydt

Global Head of Securities at SWIFT

Eva Kaili

Member of European Parliament

Ajit Tripathi

Director at PwC

Some of our past speakers

H.E. Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr

Director General at Smart Dubai

Saif Al Aleeli

CEO, Dubai Future Foundation

Magnus Olsson

CEO at Careem

Anthony Butler

CTO at IBM Cloud

Floris Kleemans

Former Group Strategy Head at ABN AMRO Bank

Marco Streng

CEO at Genesis Mining

Noah Raford

COO at Dubai Future Foundation

Alvaro Abella

Managing Partner at Beco Capital

Moe Levin

Founder at Keynote Events

Iqbal AliKhan

Strategy and Business Development Executive, IBM

Pinaki Aich

Vice President Group Strategy at DIFC

James Bernard

Director of Business Development at DMCC

Victor Kiriakos

MD Flat6Labs

Ola Doudin

CEO and Cofounder at BitOasis

Dr. Cherif Belbel

Founder and CEO of eBitx

Ken Lo

CEO - ANX International

Esteban Van Goor

Tax Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie

David Chapman

COO at ANX International

Jan Skoyles

Head of Marketing at Coinsilium

Mate Tokay

COO at

Ramez Mohamed

CEO at Flat6Labs

Dean Masley

Executive Director at Blockchain Education Network

Greg Simon

CEO and Co-Founder at Loyyal

Vignesh Raja

Marketing Strategy at Viktor Koenig

Peter Rizzo

Editor at CoinDesk

Harry Yeh

Managing Partner - Binary Financial

Marco Krohn

CFO Genesis Mining

Andrew Filipowski

Chairman at Tally Capital

Nicolas Cary


Star Xu

CEO - OKCoin

Sam Dastyari

Australian Senator

Bruce Fenton

Executive Director at Bitcoin Foundation

Paul Snow

CEO at Factom

Patrick Byrne

CEO at

Vinny Lingham

CEO - Gyft

Chance Barnett

CEO - Crowdfunder

Bill Tai

VC - KiteVC

Todd Harris

CFO - Tech CU

Yobie Benjamin